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Our Video Production Process

Our Video Production Process

After working on multiple explainer videos & years of experience, we have identified this process of video production, which keeps our clients happy.

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Why Choose Explainer Videos?

  • Improve Brand Recall
  • Communicate about your brand in effect way
  • Enhance Company Reputation
  • Increase & Repeat Sales
  • Save Marketing Presentation time from 30 Minutes to 2 Minutes
  • Get the best & trending solution in Marketing with Video Solutions


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    Our Latest Projects

    Book My Show

    Type of Video:- Explainer Video
    Industry:- Entertainment / Service
    Duration:- 1 minute

    The explainer video was created to showcase a new service offered by BookMyShow. The video was designed to explain the benefits and features of the service in an engaging and informative way.

    The target audience for the video was existing and potential customers of BookMyShow who were interested in finding out more about the new service.

    The video utilized a mix of Text, Graphics, and animation, with a clear and concise script that effectively communicated the key messaging. Overall, the Explainer video successfully conveyed the value proposition of the new service and generated interest and excitement among the target audience.

    Will Secure

    Type of Video:- Explainer Video
    Industry:- Service
    Duration:- 1 minute, 30 seconds

    The explainer video was created to showcase the Will Secure service, which allows users to create their will online. The video was divided into two parts.

    • The first 45 seconds provided an overview of the product, including its features and benefits.
    • The next 45 seconds provided a step-by-step guide on how to use the product in seven easy steps.

    The video utilized a combination of Text, Graphics, Animation, and Screenshots to effectively convey the key messaging. The target audience for the video was Investors  & individuals who were interested in creating their will online but were not familiar with the process. Overall, the video successfully explained and demonstrated how easy it is to use this online service.


    Type of Video:- Explainer / Animation Video
    Industry:- Logistic / Service
    Duration:- 1 Minute

    Promote Your Business with Explainer Videos

    C-Cure on Go
    Explainer Video

    Wink & Nod
    Explainer Video

    Hopping Chef
    Whiteboard Animation Video

    Stretch Neel – Pharma Explainer Video
    (Pharma Product)

    Cipla – Pharma Explainer Video
    (Pharma Training Video)


    Durand Forms India
    3D Explainer Video
    (Product Film)

    Building Formation
    3D Explainer Video
    (Product Film)

    Explainer Video for Government 

    Explainer Video for Government 


    And City Info Graphics
    Explainer Video 

    Anti Hacking C-cure on Go
    Explainer Video

    ICICI Bank Pocket App
    Explainer Video

    Explainer Video

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    Managing Director

    Pacific Trends

    This is to confirm that Motion Magic Media executed a project for making an animation video for Business presentation purpose. The work was completed to our satisfaction and we are happy with the work and communication maintained by them throughout the process of making video.


    Swastik Synergy

    Managing Director

    I – Catch Infosec Pvt. Ltd.


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